Postpartum Care

Welcome to the Willow Mother’s 4th Trimester Care Package - a thoughtfully curated offering designed to prioritize your well-being during this special phase of life. At Willow Wellness, we understand that postpartum care is not just about healing physically but also nurturing your emotional and mental health. We believe that providing exceptional care during this time is essential for you and your newborn. Rest assured that our care package meets the needs of a new mom just perfectly.  

Our Commitment to You:

Holistic Healing: Our comprehensive care plan approaches you as a whole, recognizing that your well-being is intricately connected to your physical, emotional, and mental health. By nurturing all aspects, chiropractic can serve to reduce any interference in function to the nervous system, thus allowing optimal expression of health and life.  It’s from this place of wholeness, that you are best able to navigate the beautiful journey of motherhood with ease, resilience, and joy.

Comfort and Convenience: Our “living room” has been especially prepared for you and baby to relax and help to ease the stress of timing visits.  We invite you to comfortably cozy up to feed baby before or after your visits. Help yourself to a heated rice bag to relax your neck and shoulders. Toys and books are available to occupy older siblings and the changing station is fully stocked with diapers and wipes. Enjoy a cup of tea or kombucha and savor this time set aside for you.


Expert Care and Guidance:

Our doctors have specialized training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association to provide niche care to the prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric populations. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional care and ensuring that you have access to the necessary resources to support your healing.  Our care package will address alignment, breathing patterns, ergonomics, diastasis recti as well as nutritional needs. Our goal is to create a healthy foundation for healing that optimizes nervous system function and allows you to thrive.   The postpartum phase is a transformative time that deserves careful attention. By investing in your postpartum care, you are not only prioritizing your health but also setting the stage for a healthy and joyful start to your journey into motherhood. At Willow Wellness, we’re here to remind you that self-care is not selfish; it’s essential.  Our Postpartum Care Package is designed with love and compassion, knowing that a well-supported mother is better equipped to nurture her family.  Thank you for considering partnering with us on this incredible journey. We are so honored.

Discounted package options and gift certificates available.